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Cross Pendant - VVS1 Grade

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100% pass rate on the diamond tester.

final restock, no more restock after selling out.

classic, timeless piece that every men needs in their jewelry collection. be it avid jewelry collector or anyone looking to get their first piece of jewelry. the cross never goes out of style and will be an essential rotation in your everyday wear.

we've collaborated with one of the largest lab-grown diamonds manufacturer that have manufactured for the largest jewelry brands in the world for an exclusive collection. 

flex on a budget and don't be scared when someone pulls out their diamond tester on you.

don't get some crappy ass fake to flex and get called out.

the cut and clarity of our diamonds are unapparelled and a similar natural diamond would go upwards of 5 racks.

  • fitted with 11 d1.10ct sized gem
  • D color graded, highest grade for color in diamonds
  • VVS1 Clarity graded, one of the highest grade. 
  • 100% pass rate on the diamond tester.
  • 925 Sterling Silver on all silverware & necklace.
  • 3mm thick, 51cm long cuban link chain

these are not your regular cheap cubic zirconia stones that is widely used. those do not test positive on the diamond tester and are much duller in color, scratches easily and looks cheap.


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Cross Pendant - VVS1 Grade H.ESNTLS
Cross Pendant - VVS1 Grade

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